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Raise money. Change lives. We've created a risk-free way for you to fundraise by selling quality apparel online.

Launch a shop today and discover the power of coming together for a cause you're passionate about! It can be anything from your kid's sports team to your best friend's cancer battle.

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Launch Your Shop!

Simply pick the kind of shirt you want, send us your design (or we can design one), and we'll create the online shop for you at no cost. Just let your friends, family, and followers know about the shop and you're on your way to giving others a chance to show their support.

We'll send you a link to share.
We collect all orders and payment.
We sort and print the shirts.
We ship all orders on your behalf.
Once completed, you get a check in the mail!

Shirts will print approx. 10 business days after the shop closes.

You'll be charged $10 a shirt for a standard t-shirt with a 1 color design.

Our suggested minimum is 12 pieces. If you have under 12 pieces sold, there will be a $50 setup fee charged.

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